Why doTERRA? Before I started researching where my essential oils came from, I purchased them at my local health food store. This proved to be a big mistake.

What I didn’t know at the time was that essential oils sold in stores are often diluted and/or combined with harmful chemical additives, or the oils are just synthetics. The problem is there is no quality control standard that essential oil companies must adhere to. Labels like “pure” and “organic” are often misleading or irrelevant. The following image is of the back of a bottle of a brand of essential oils I used to buy:

The ingredients say each drop contains 0.007ml of oregano oil and the rest is olive oil. A drop of essential oil is about .05ml, so that means only 14% of this bottle of “oregano oil” is actually oregano oil. The cost of this bottle is $17.99 CDN. I was paying $17.99 plus tax for about 2ml of oregano oil. doTERRA’s 15ml bottle of oregano oil contains 100% pure oregano oil, that’s it!

Why Choose doterra:

  • 100% Pure: doTERRA created a purity level that is well beyond the organic standard. Unlike every other company, every litre is tested by a third party. They created an internal standard called Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade that is verified by third party testing laboratories. They perform 6 indicator tests and 11 qualitative tests on their oils to make sure that they are pure, safe and effective for therapeutic use. No other company performs this level of testing on their oils!
  • Globally Sourced: doTERRA is passionate about sourcing their essential oils in the plants’ native countries. Through their co-IMPACT sourcing model, doTERRA works with farmers all over the world – empowering communities while ensuring the optimal soil quality and growing, harvesting and distilling practices. This creates a quality of oils that is unprecedented. In addition, over 80% of dōTERRA’s oils are exclusive – you will not be able to find their potency anywhere else!
  • Ethically Sourced: doTERRA gives back in the communities where they source their oils. They team up with local farmers who have been there for generations and form cooperatives to help them improve their growth and create something that is mutually beneficial. doTERRA pays them fair wages and uses its non-profit organization, the Healing Hands Foundation, to rebuild the community as a whole: building medical facilities and schools and drilling wells amongst other projects.
  • Savings! If you buy essential oils on the doTERRA Loyalty Rewards Program with a Wholesale membership, you get 25% off retail prices and up to 30% back in free product points. Don’t settle for what appears to cheaper!