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Why Use Doterra Essential Oils?

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3 Reasons Why I Use doTERRA Essential Oils

What is the quality of doTERRA essential oils? Will doTERRA essential oils keep me living young vs now? What brand of essential oils should I use?

doTERRA is the largest essential oil company in the world and offers the highest quality essential oil products available, proven by third party scientists. With an ever-growing selection and massive charitable impact, it’s no wonder doTERRA boasts a 75%+ retention rate.

cptg certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils being third party tested doterra

Reason 01: doTERRA has the highest quality essential oils available on the market

This may sound like a bold claim, but there are 3 big reasons it’s true.

1. doTERRA is the only essential oil company that has a third-party test every litre of their essential oils. They hire APRC to perform 13 to 26 different tests on every litre of their essential oil. Learn More

2. doTERRA sources plants from their natural habitat. They don’t grow them in greenhouses or on factory farms. Growing plants outside of their natural habitat changes their chemical composition. Learn More

3. doTERRA goes beyond organic. Organic is a legal word that changes state by state, country by country. doTERRA holds the bar higher with Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) certification. Learn More

Reason 02: doTERRA has the highest ethics and impact of all essential oil companies

Another bold claim, but I can confidently make it for these 3 reasons:

1. doTERRA does co-impact sourcing where they commit to helping the lives of the farmers they partner with, including their families. doTERRA pays farmers before, during, and after the harvest, ensures proper food and water quality, and education for their family. Their goal is to use their supply chain to make an impact on poverty. For comparison, most essential oil companies buy from intermediaries which often engage in unethical and inhumane practices for cheap prices. Learn More

2. There’s a humanitarian story behind every bottle. Each essential oil follows the philosophy: source the best to help the most. Learn More 

3. doTERRA’s Healing Hands foundation also focuses on empowering women in sexist societies, ending human trafficking, supporting impoverished children, providing clean water to communities, overall disaster relief, and creating self-reliance in poor towns through small business training. Learn More


why I use doterra instead of other essential oil brands like young living vs now - healing hands and coimpact sourcing to end human trafficking
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Reason 03: doTERRA offers their customers the best resources and training

A doTERRA wellness advocate is someone who has been trained in how to use essential oils and helps refer and support customers.

1. Every customer has a dedicated wellness advocate to answer their questions and provide them with ongoing support. Learn More

2. doTERRA is a science-based company and shares their in-depth studies and resources with their customers. Learn More

3. doTERRA offers an Essential Oil Specialist Certification program which is standard training for all their wellness advocates. This program is also available for all doTERRA customers. Learn More

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